MEGUMI ( めぐみ ) is a Japanese word that means “Grace”.

By the grace of God, MEGUMI was founded in 1993 as one of the projects of NEHA Phils., Inc. It started with a pre-school with the aim to help the educational needs of the Negrenses.

Negros Educational Helping Activities or NEHA was founded in 1987 by Mrs. Naomi P. Tsujino, a Filipina and a native of Pontevedra, Negros Occidental.

The primary aim of NEHA is to help the less fortunate students to have access to quality education. NEHA also provides them sustainable support to keep them in school until they graduate and become contributing individuals in the society.

With the aim to end the illiteracy in the province and eventually, the country, MEGUMI in partnership with NEHA have been finding ways to make sure that parents will not use poverty as an excuse for their inability to send their children to school.

Livelihood programs were initiated such as weaving looms for the women and small piggeries for the men.

Due to the change of economy in Japan and after suffering from one tsunami after another, our support subsided and eventually depleted.

However, we press on toward the mark that has been set before the institution. God has provided what we needed through the years with adequate funding to continue our operation. Megumi is and will continue to change the lives of hundreds of children from pre-school to senior high equipping them to be contributing individuals to the society.

MEGUMI stands as an institution that will always have the desire to reach out to the poor and be a pillar of education in our community giving hope to those who need it.